Princess Bee 

our story

Princess Bee Honey Co. is a sustainable, small family-owned brand rooted in a deep passion for beekeeping. Our primary objective is to raise awareness about bees’ crucial role in the ecosystem and highlight the extraordinary benefits of raw honey.

The Bees

In our Bee Garden, beekeeping is more than a profession – it’s a passion. We have more than 50 well-cultivated beehives – each buzzing with healthy bees. 

The Location

We choose for our bees the best locations. Surrounded by wildflowers – green, quiet and far from big cities’ pollution. 

Working with Nature

Our goal is to mimic the bees’ natural life cycle and minimize disruptions to the colony. We place a strong emphasis on the well-being of the bees, encouraging their natural behaviour, and only harvesting surplus honey when it’s suitable to do so.

We keep it simple

At the core of our values is transparency. We believe it’s essential to be fully informed about the origin of your honey. To achieve this, our honey undergoes rigorous laboratory testing, providing detailed information on the quantity and variety of pollen.

What is to be a beekeeper

The food diversity of the global population is closely tied to bees, who play a crucial role in pollinating over one-third of our crops. Beekeepers are indispensable to ensure an adequate amount of bees for this vital task. However, beekeeping goes beyond that.

In the face of declining bee populations, dedicated beekeepers become essential guardians of bee colonies. They must safeguard these crucial insects from the adverse impacts of climate change, pesticide usage, pollution, invasive species, and the decreasing cultivation of wildflowers.

We aim to have healthy, productive hives and full-flavoured raw honey for more people to enjoy.