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Raw Linden Honey


** Winner of Great Taste 2021 UK with two stars! **

Raw Linden honey is polyfloral honey. Bees collect nectar from a single origin – Linden Tree flowers. In Britain, it’s called “lime blossom honey.” In North America, linden honey is better known as basswood, and to botanists, linden honey comes from one of about 30 plants or trees in the genus Tilia. No matter what name you use, the tree has been described as the queen of honey plants, and Linden honey is one of the best varieties you can buy.

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Taste: It has a delicate, mild, and slightly floral taste with subtle notes of mint, citrus, and herbal undertones. It has a little bitter aftertaste.

Aroma: The aroma of linden honey is often described as delicate, mild, and floral. It carries the sweet scent of linden blossoms with a pleasant and slightly fragrant aroma.

Colour: Linden honey ranges from pale yellow to light amber. It crystalises faster than other varieties in chunky rough crystals.

Storage info:
Our honey is raw, unpasteurised and unfiltered, and this will lead to crystallisation after some time. This is absolutely natural process and does not affect the quality of the honey. If you prefer it liquid, place it in warm water with the lid on or in a warm cabinet.

Natural raw honey does not have an expiry date.

We love Nature, so please recycle your jars.



70 AED100 AED

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100% natural Linden Honey.

Here are a few benefits of raw linden honey:

  1. Antioxidant Power: Raw honey, in general, is rich in antioxidants, and linden honey is no exception. These antioxidants help combat free radicals and can contribute to overall well-being.
  2. Soothes Sore Throats: Linden honey is known for its soothing properties, making it a popular choice for soothing sore throats and coughs. It can also help alleviate cold symptoms.
  3. Relaxation: Some people believe that linden honey has a calming effect. It’s often used in herbal teas to promote relaxation and better sleep.
  4. Digestive Aid: Raw honey can support digestion. It’s a natural sweetener that can be a healthier alternative to processed sugars and may help with digestive discomfort.
  5. Wound Healing: Due to its antimicrobial properties, honey, including linden honey, can be used topically to aid in wound healing and reduce the risk of infection.

Linden honey has a delicate and floral flavour profile, making it versatile for pairing with various foods. Here are some delicious food pairings to enhance your culinary experience:

  1. Cheeses: Pair with brie, camembert, or goat cheese for a sweet contrast.
  2. Greek Yogurt: Drizzle over yoghurt for a sweet and tangy combo.
  3. Fruit: Enhance the sweetness of peaches, pears, or figs with a honey drizzle.
  4. Tea: Sweeten herbal teas like chamomile or lavender.
  5. Salads: Create a unique dressing with linden honey, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar.
  6. Bread/Pastries: Spread on warm bread or pastries for a sweet treat.
  7. Pancakes/Waffles: Use as a syrup alternative for added flavour.
  8. Roasted Meats: Glaze chicken or duck for a caramelized touch.


  1. As a natural sweetener: Use linden honey in tea or coffee, or drizzle it over foods like pancakes and yoghurt for natural sweetness.
  2. For Sore Throat Relief: Mix in warm water and lemon to soothe sore throats and coughs.
  3. For Salad Dressings: Enhance dressings and marinades with their unique floral flavour.
  4. As a Face Mask: Apply as a moisturizing face mask for soft skin.
  5. For Baking: Use in baking recipes for natural sweetness.
  6. For a natural Energy Boost: Consume for a quick natural energy boost.

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Discover the natural magic of our sustainably sourced honey straight from the heart of Princess Bee Honey Co. bee garden. Our honey is the golden key to unlocking the beauty within you.

Naturally enriched with a wealth of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants, our honey is a potent elixir for immunity and health.

But that’s not all! Our honey’s antioxidant properties also work wonders for your skin, hair and a radiant complexion, promoting healing and nourishment every day.

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Propolis is the natural glue substance that honeybees produce by mixing saliva and beeswax with tree buds, sap flows or other botanicals and is essential to building healthy beehives. Ours is sustainably sourced from the Princess Bee Garden. Propolis has strong antimicrobial properties and is rich in vitamins, minerals, and flavonoids.

Propolis is used in many medicinal salves and immune boosters. We use it in our Propolis Salve and Throat Spray for natural healing and anti-inflammation.


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Delicious honey! Super sweet and fragrant. I am very happy with my order, very fast delivery. I totally recommend!