raw honey with sesame tahini

Raw Honey with Sesame Tahini

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Raw Honey with Propolis, Bee Pollen and Royal Jelly


Beehive Power Blend – Nature’s Superfood Elixir

Beehive Power Blend is a remarkable fusion of raw wildflower honey, propolis, bee pollen, and royal jelly. This exquisite elixir encapsulates the essence of nature’s superfoods, each ingredient contributing unique health benefits to create a harmonious symphony of wellness.

Net.Weight: 300 g.

For Your Immune Fortress:

Your immune system is your body’s fortress, and our Beehive Power Blend is its guardian. Raw wildflower honey brings antioxidants and natural antibacterial properties to the forefront, supporting your body’s natural defences. Propolis bolsters this defence mechanism with its immune-enhancing abilities, helping prevent infections. Together, they form a formidable shield against external threats, ensuring your immune system is primed and ready to face the world.

Vitality from Within:

Vitality is more than just energy; it’s a state of flourishing well-being. Bee pollen, a treasure trove of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes, provides sustained energy and nourishment. Whether you’re an athlete seeking enhanced stamina or simply embracing a vibrant lifestyle, our blend can empower you with the vitality to thrive.

Antioxidant Armor:

Antioxidants are your body’s guardians against the ravages of oxidative stress. With its rich antioxidant content, our Beehive Power Blend can help combat free radicals and reduce inflammation. Raw wildflower honey, propolis, and bee pollen join forces to protect your cells from damage, promoting overall health and longevity. It’s a natural and delicious way to fortify your body’s antioxidant armour.

Nutrient-Rich Nutrition:

Nutrition is the cornerstone of health, and our Beehive Power Blend delivers a treasure trove of nutrients. Bee pollen offers abundant vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes, nourishing your body from within. Raw wildflower honey, propolis, and royal jelly complement this bounty, creating a comprehensive source of natural nutrition. A holistic approach to wellness fuels your body with the essentials it craves.

A Sip of Wellness:

Incorporating our Beehive Power Blend into your daily routine is as simple as a spoonful away. Take a moment each day to savour this elixir of well-being. Stir it into your morning tea, drizzle it over oatmeal, or blend it into your favourite smoothie. Embrace its vitality and nourishment, and let it be your daily sip of wellness.



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Raw Wildflower Honey:

  • Immune Support: Raw honey contains antioxidants and natural antibacterial properties that may support your immune system.
  • Soothing for Sore Throats: It can relieve sore throats and coughs due to its natural soothing qualities.
  • Energy Boost: The natural sugars in honey offer a quick energy boost, making it an ideal source of raw vitality.


  • Antioxidant Power: Propolis is rich in antioxidants, which can help combat oxidative stress and protect your cells from damage.
  • Immune Boost: It supports the immune system by potentially preventing infections and promoting healing.

Bee Pollen:

  • Nutrient-Rich: Bee pollen is packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes, offering a broad spectrum of nutrients.
  • Energy and Vitality: Its nutrient content may provide sustained energy and enhance vitality, making it suitable for athletes.

Royal Jelly:

  • Skin Health: Royal jelly is believed to have potential benefits for skin health when applied topically or consumed.
  • Adaptogenic Properties: It may have adaptogenic properties, helping the body adapt to stress and promoting overall well-being.
  • Nutrient Support: Royal jelly provides essential nutrients, including B vitamins and amino acids, which can support overall health.

88% raw, unpasteurised and unfiltered wildflower honey, 10% Bee Pollen, 1% Propolis and 1% Royal Jelly. All ingredients are sourced from our Bee Garden in Bulgaria.

It’s important to note that individual responses to these bee products can vary, and allergic reactions are possible, primarily if you have known allergies to bee products. Always start with small amounts and consult a healthcare professional if you have any concerns or medical conditions.

A blend of raw wildflower honey mixed with propolis, bee pollen, and royal jelly can be a delicious and nutritious addition to your daily routine.

  1. Spoonful: Take a spoonful of the blend directly for a quick energy boost and potential health benefits.
  2. Stir into Tea: Add a teaspoon or more to a hot or cold herbal tea. It can enhance the flavour and relieve sore throats and coughs.
  3. Yoghurt or Oatmeal Topper: Drizzle the blend over your yoghurt or oatmeal for added flavour and nutrition. It can make your morning routine more exciting.
  4. Dip for Fruits: Dip apple slices, banana chunks, or berries into the blend for a tasty and nutritious snack.

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the Princess Bee Story

Our passion for bees and honey products


Discover the natural magic of our sustainably sourced honey straight from the heart of Princess Bee Honey Co. bee garden. Our honey is the golden key to unlocking the beauty within you.

Naturally enriched with a wealth of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants, our honey is a potent elixir for immunity and health.

But that’s not all! Our honey’s antioxidant properties also work wonders for your skin, hair and a radiant complexion, promoting healing and nourishment every day.

Violeta with a frame with bees


Propolis is the natural glue substance that honeybees produce by mixing saliva and beeswax with tree buds, sap flows or other botanicals and is essential to building healthy beehives. Ours is sustainably sourced from the Princess Bee Garden. Propolis has strong antimicrobial properties and is rich in vitamins, minerals, and flavonoids.

Propolis is used in many medicinal salves and immune boosters. We use it in our Propolis Salve and Throat Spray for natural healing and anti-inflammation.


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