what makes sidr honey special?

Sidr Honey is rare and highly valued due to its history and health benefits. The Sidr tree also has religious and mythological links. It is mentioned in the Quran as one of the plants of Paradise, and it is believed that the Crown of Thorns in the Bible was made of the branches of the Sidr tree. It also appears under the name of Lotus Tree in Greek Mythology.

health benefits of Sidr (Jujube) Honey

raw sidr honey benefits

You can find Sidr trees in other parts of the world, but Raw Yemeni Sidr honey is known to be the best (and most expensive) in the world. It is often compared to New Zealand’s Manuka honey as it carries many medicinal and health benefits. Unfortunately, we don’t grow enough Sidr trees in Bulgaria to make honey ourselves; we work with beekeepers from Yemen and Pakistan who follow ethical and good practices of caring for the bees and extracting the honey. This gives us its exceptional flavour and retains its healing properties.

Botanical nameZiziphus Spina-Christi (also known as Lote tree, Christ’s Thorn, Jujube or Nabkh tree)

Taste – The distinctive flavour and fragrance are attributed to the nectar of the flowers of the Sidr tree, which has butterscotch and caramel notes

Colour – thick honey with golden light colour- darkens and turns reddish over time.

Crystallisation – A prolonged process; it may take years to notice it

Best partnered – Drizzle it as a sweetener on cupcakes, pancakes, waffles or fresh bread. It enhances the taste of savoury curries too. It can be used in Chinese food as an additional condiment. That orange chicken will taste yummier with this honey in it!

Add a few drops to your black tea with lemon juice to make a stimulating beverage.

Sidr (Jujube) honey could also be used as a dressing on salads and other food items to give it a dash of that caramel taste.

Health benefits:

Sidr Honey has been researched to contain higher counts of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties than any other type of honey. Not to mention its exquisite, earthy and delicious taste that families have come to love and enjoy!

This unique raw honey is reported to be particularly good in aiding liver problems, stomach ulcers, respiratory infections, digestive problems, infected wounds and burns; it helps strengthen the immune system and promotes general health and vitality.

  • Sinus Problems

Today, having the sinuses inflamed is like having a regular cold. People are accustomed to prescribing antibiotics for sinus infections, but recent studies have proved that sidr honey effectively kills Staphylococcus aureus, the bacterium responsible for respiratory infections.

Sidr honey has impressive antibacterial activity even when used in a minimal amount. Dissolve a little honey in water or nasal saline and rinse the nose. Even when diluted very thinly, Sidr honey helps fight the infection, and you can breathe easier. It also helps to get rid of many antibiotic-resistant bacteria. There are no side effects. When mixed with cinnamon powder, it helps alleviate cough, cold, sinusitis, sinus pressure, etc.

  • Ulcers And Digestive Aid. 

Sidr honey benefits include digestive aid. It prevents acid reflux and soothes stomach and bowel lesions in Chron’s disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It protects and heals ulcers naturally. This honey also avoids any post-meal discomfort from gastrointestinal disorders.

  • Immunity Booster

Sidr honey is rich in potent antioxidants, which fight free radicals in the cells, triggering diseases like cancer, influenza, and arthritis. It acts as a powerful immunity booster for all. Honey contains many phenolic compounds like flavonoids, extending its antioxidant power to honey.

  • Heart Health

Sidr honey lowers bad cholesterol levels in the blood. It decreases fat accumulation in the heart vessels, thereby preventing heart attacks. All you have to do is add honey to your diet and maintain the flexibility of your blood vessels. Sidr honey benefits blood circulation and reduces fatigue and loss of breath.

  • Weight Loss

Sidr tree nectar is potent for weight loss. Honey is high in calories but has zero fats and is low in sugar. It’s a boon for people who want to lose some pounds weekly. Add a tablespoon of honey and lemon juice to water and drink daily to reduce belly fat.

  • Anti-Ageing Properties

Sidr honey dramatically benefits your skin. You can use honey in various natural remedies and beauty treatments to get gorgeous-looking skin. It helps treat cystic acne and other blemishes. Honey reduces the ageing process of the skin, making it look younger. It improves your physical aesthetics for blemish-free glowing skin.

Sidr honey, in general, could be used as a natural topical wound healing agent. Research proved that Sidr honey has superior wound healing activity to thyme honey and spring honey.

Make a face mask using equal amounts of Sidr honey, olive, and almond oil. Apply on the face and wash after 15 minutes. It will leave your skin soft and lustrous.

Why is Sidr Honey so expensive?

Due to its rarity and full spectrum of health benefits, this honey deserves its superiority over other types of honey. Not to mention its exquisite, earthy and delicious taste that families have come to love and enjoy!

Be aware that there is a lot of fake Sidr Honey on the market. Many of it never been tested in a laboratory. Some of the honey stated “Sidr” is Chestnut or other honey types. Only pollen analyses can prove the DNA of natural honey, and you can see ours >here<.