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From the hive to the honey jar, we’re involved at every stage of the harvest – from finding the perfect locations for our hives to packing, labelling and dispatching our honey.


We carefully chose the location of our beehives as that is essential for the bee’s food source. We choose protected areas in forests and meadows with endless amounts of wildflowers and trees. These locations are far from big cities and pollution, ensuring the quality of our honey.

fields of Lavender Flowers with beehives on the side
bee inspection


Our biggest assets.

When our master beekeeper opens the beehive and pulls out the first frame, he assesses the hive to ensure the Queen is happy and there is no abnormality. If the hive is going well, he leaves it to do its thing.

Once the bees have filled the combs and the honey is ready, we harvest only the surplus honey while leaving adequate stores for the hive to thrive.



Once our honey arrives at our home base, we process the honey boxes using our own extraction facility.

This is a manual job and requires time and strong hands.

First, we uncap the frames. After that, we spin them in a machine called a honey extractor.

The result is a rich, golden honey that retains its original goodness and flavour for you to enjoy.

honey extractor

Packing & Dispatch

The jars are carefully packed into retail packages and dispatched to UAE. Our clientele is truly delightful, as we serve both online and in-store shoppers. Some of these remarkable individuals have been with us for an extended period, and we cherish the valuable feedback they provide and the personal connections we’ve established. Thank you all for your trust and loyalty!